Laila_Mickelwait_speakingLaila Mickelwait is the Director of Abolition for Exodus Cry and the President and Founder of New Reality International. Laila has spent time working with the United Nations in Geneva and the World Federation of United Nations Associations Millennium Project. During her time with the Millennium Project, she participated in research and writing for the annual “State of the Future” report addressing the 15 global challenges, which was featured in TIME magazine and endorsed by UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon. After receiving her Master of Public Diplomacy from the Annenberg School of Communications and the Dornsife School of International Relations at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State in 2006 Laila founded New Reality International (NRI), a non-profit global aid and development organization focusing on the plight of orphaned and trafficked children. Laila subsequently joined Exodus Cry where she has presented and advocated for legislative reform at the United Nations, and to policymakers all over the world, concerning sex trafficking. Laila’s writing and speaking have been published in outlets such as BBC News, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Charisma Magazine, and many others.



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