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February 2012 News

I am honored to have the privilege of coming on board with such a dedicated team of abolitionists at Exodus Cry and  look forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do in this next season. Our strategy is to raise awareness unto prevention, and reform is an essential aspect of effective prevention.  Isaiah 42:4 says, “…the coastlands wait for His law” and I am passionate about seeing the law of the Lord go forth. Many countries around the globe still endorse the sex industry, laying out a welcome mat for traffickers, johns and pimps through weak laws, lack of enforcement and the outright legalization of prostitution.  This must come to an end. A global governmental paradigm shift concerning the sex industry must take place and it will happen state by state and nation by nation.  Sweden has pioneered the way forward with progressive legislation that criminalizes the purchase of sex and protects the women and girls who are victims of sexual violence also known as prostitution. This law has been in effect in Sweden since 1999 and has been extremely successful in combating both prostitution and human trafficking. Other governments are witnessing Sweden’s success and implementing similar laws.  I believe that a multi-national adoption of the “Swedish Model” is essential in the pursuit of a comprehensive global prevention strategy.  This month Exodus Cry is working to promote this model in both Australia and Israel. Currently prostitution is legal in various forms in both countries.  In partnership with the Australian Christian Lobby, we will be making the case for reform and screening Nefarious Merchant of Souls at the state and federal parliaments across the continent along with engaging in private meetings with key politicians from February 15 through March 6.  In Israel we are working with the Jerusalem Institute of Justice to promote an anti-prostitution bill in the Knesset that will go to the first round of voting on February 12.  To learn more please visit