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Beyond Fantasy: Unveiling How Today’s Porn is the Greatest Human Rights and Public Health Crisis of Our Time

The most recent statistics show that one hundred percent of young men and eighty-two percent of young women are being exposed to Internet porn, with the average age of first exposure between the ages of 10-13. Experts now predict that in a couple of years we will have complete global Internet saturation. What does it mean that soon every single human being on earth will be exposed to porn starting as children? The crisis of the global spread of modern porn is bigger than the global crisis of poverty, bigger than the global crisis of infectious disease, bigger than the global crisis of environmental pollution, and bigger than any other health or human rights crisis we have seen in the history of humankind. In the pages of this book, you will learn why the proliferation of porn is anything but fantasy, but is, in fact, a very real and concrete threat to our collective humanity.

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