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New Damning Pornhub CEO Emails Uncovered

October 12, 2023    read

It is past time for criminal prosecution of Pornhub’s executives.

Damning e-mails between the CEO/Owner of Pornhub/MindGeek and his executives were uncovered in legal discovery for a child sex trafficking class action lawsuit in California. Depositions and messages from employees were also published, and all of this evidence was recently made public in redacted form.

Below are e-mails where the CEO/Owner is discussing the fact that:

1. P*rnhub only employed ONE person working only five days a week to review flagged videos.

2. The official Pornhub policy was only to review a video if it had over 15 flags. Meaning a victim of child rape could flag their abuse 15 times, and it would not be put in line for review.

3. There was a backlog of over 706,000 flagged videos.

4. The CEO states that they are trying to hide these facts.

Messages from employees expose the leadership, saying that “management doesn’t want the rules enforced as written.” This means management specified to employees that they didn’t want rules against criminal content enforced. 

Depositions published by the court also confirmed that Pornhub’s owners and executives were hiding child sexual abuse videos they knew about from authorities for over 13 years until the Traffickinghub movement went viral exposing them. It is a criminal offense in Canada to hide child abuse material from authorities in Canada. 

We must ask the painful question: How many children were never rescued because Pornhub hid their abuse from authorities? 

With all of this new evidence comes a new level of responsibility for the governments of Canada and the United States to pursue criminal prosecutions and bring justice to countless victims whose lives have been destroyed by P*rnhub and its executives. 

When the website Backpage.com was exposed for facilitating and profiting from the trafficking of children, it was seized and shut down by the U.S. Department of Justice, and its owners were criminally prosecuted. 

It’s time to see the seal of the U.S. Department of Justice and the words “seized” when any U.S. citizen opens up the Pornhub website. 


Shut Down Pornhub and Hold Its Executives Accountable for Aiding Trafficking

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